Read what our happy customers have to say about their experience at Redline Auto Sales. See why our happy customers love shopping at our dealership.

Gauri Vasudeva

One of the best dealerships I gave been to. The staff is very knowledgeable. Customer service was superb! They took the time to go through the different selections that were available. Many thanks to the Redline team for helping find my new car! Great experience, would recommend Redline to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Balbir Singh

Great dealership! Lots of choices of cars at reasonable price. I am happy with the service Raj provided. Could get me approved financing at a very reasonable payment. Overall, very good place. Nice staff, I will recommend to friends and family.

Jim Corra

Bought my second car, 2013 Electra, from Raj. Great service and very happy with my financing with a very good rate, as I was declined from other places. The car was in excellent shape when I picked it up. Lots of choices of different cars at a reasonable price. Overall, I am happy with the service provided. Will defiantly recommend to friends and family.

Felipe Bohorquez Alvarez

For having no credit life here in Canada they did a great job finding us a lease company. Felt a but ripped off with the car we got because of the price we paid. There’s no way the car we bought was safetified, the windshield had multiple chips, and is really impossible to see under sunshine. We feel like they took advantage of us being newcomers. Still they worked fast and got us a good warranty

Макс Хмара

Thank You so much Jeylani and Sergey! I had a limited budget and specific requirements about the car, even in that circumstances they helped me a lot with a car-and provide the best option in my case, hence I did a reasonable purchase. I am strongly recommend that dealership!