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Vehicle Maintenance in Canada

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants released data this morning on vehicle maintenance in Canada.

The firm's Light Vehicle Study indicates that the average Canadian spends $796 each year on maintenance for their vehicle. Of course, the data indicates there is "wide variance" in costs based on vehicle age.

DesRosiers broke down the data by age group, noting that the one- to three-year-old vehicle class has the lowest maintenance spending. Owners of four- to five-year-old cars spend an average of $756 per year, with owners of six- to seven-year-old rides spending $944.

Average spending for eight- to 12-year-old vehicles was at $913, with owners of vehicles 13 years or older spending $801 on average.

"Given that vehicles 10 years and older represent more than a third of the total vehicle fleet, understanding the maintenance habits of these owners is of growing importance to the aftermarket," the firm stated.

The company also highlighted that almost three-fourths of respondents (73.7 percent) prefer taking their ride to a service outlet for their maintenance and repair needs.

Conversely, only 26.3 percent of owners said in 2011 they do the maintenance themselves, down from 27 percent four years earlier.

"Those who perform their own maintenance are in a declining minority," the firm stated.

"As with most other vehicle maintenance issues, the "Do It Yourself"-to-"Do It For Me" ratio varies considerably with vehicle age; DIY rates soar from 9.0 percent for vehicles one to three years old to 46.2 percent for those 13 years or older," it added.

Furthermore, there is also variance when it comes to product category. For instance, 74.3 percent of owners in 2011 said they install their own wiper blades, which was the highest of DIY install rates.

Conversely, 82.1 percent turned to a service shop to have the vehicle's oil changed, according to DesRosiers. This was the country's No. 1 "Do It For Me" service.

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