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Used passenger cars, SUVs top-of-mind for Canadians

Passenger cars and SUVs remain top-of-mind for car shoppers across Canada, according to a January 2019 national Autobarometer report.

Autobarometer is a monthly report that provides dealers with vehicle inventory performance metrics from across Canada, based on listings that appear on Kijiji's automotive marketplace (online).

In January, a total of 338,523 vehicle listings (including new and used car and truck inventory) were posted on Kijiji by dealers in Canada. These listings resulted in 84.7 million VDP views; one million email/chat replies; 998,000 click-to-call engagements; and 155,000 dealership URL clicks.

Views by body segment for used cars only hovered around 11.9 million for passenger cars; 5.3 million for pickup trucks; 7.1 million for SUVs; and 1.3 million for vans.

The report reveals the average listing price of a new vehicle jumped $3,044 to a total of $46,392. For used vehicles, the price increased by $1,411 to $17,462. Vehicles also took a little longer to sell on the site this January (37.7 days) compared to the same period a year earlier, when it took 35.4 days on average.

The most popular vehicle models were the Honda Civic, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram 1500, Toyota Corolla, Ford Escape and the Mazda3. In terms of brand popularity, Ford took first place and was followed by Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Chevrolet and Nissan.

Spotlight - Ontario

In Ontario, the total number of vehicle listings on Kijiji in January was 114,518 - down 15,619 year-over-year. Engagement on Kijiji for cars and vehicles led to 30.4 million VDP views; 440,000 email/chat replies; 436,000 click-to-call engagements; and 56,000 dealership URL clicks.

Views by body segment for used cars only were 5.2 million for passenger cars; 1.7 million for pickup trucks; 2.6 million for SUVs; and 574,000 for vans.

Spotlight - Quebec

In Quebec, vehicle listings on Kijiji hovered around 64,671 compared to 71,157 in January 2018. Engagement levels were at 15.1 million for VDP views; 148,000 for email/chat replies; 197,000 for click-to-call engagements; and 28,000 for dealership URL clicks.

In terms of body segment views, Kijiji recorded 3 million for passenger cars; 600,000 for pickup trucks; 1.6 million for SUVs; and 232,000 for vans.

The national report indicates that Canadians are interested in used sedans and SUVs - a trend that is very much apparent in both Ontario and Quebec.

By: www.canadianautodealer.ca