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USA Today Culls Out Top Five Worst Sellers of 2011

The Acura RL made it onto USA Today's list of top five worst-selling cars of 2011.

With all the lists coming out highlighting the best of 2011, USA Today took a somewhat more unconventional approach.

Elaborating on Autoblog's list of the 10 biggest sales dogs of the year, the staff at USA Today culled out the five worst-selling cars of the year.

Interestingly, the list is made up of units all from Asian OEMs, ranging from luxury sedans to SUVs.

USA Today staff also noted that Autoblog excluded models that had not been on sale for the full year and those that are "super-expensive or exotic" and not really intended to sell in big numbers.

Here is the countdown of Autoblog's top five worst-sellers of the year with commentary from USA Today staff:

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

Units Sold: 1,662

"At more than $68,000, it's easy to see how it doesn't quite fit into a mass-market brand like Toyota, putting aside its storied heritage. No wonder Toyota just did a makeover."

4. Acura ZDX

Units Sold: 1,564

"Bloated sedan or car-like crossover. It's hard to tell. ZDX never succeeded out of the gate."

3. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

Units Sold: 1,548

"Poor Mitsu. The brand just can't catch a break."

2. Hyundai Azera

Units Sold: 1,524

"It probably suffered because a new, decidedly better one, is on the way. For now, it suffers in comparison to the nicer and cheaper Hyundai Sonata."

1. Acura RL

Units Sold: 1,096

"A second Acura on the list? Honda knows its premium brand has problems, and it showed its plans for a revival to a select few."