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Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

Ever wonder if you're the only one that avoids buying a certain car because it's ugly?

J.D. Power and Associates has released the results of its 2016 U.S. Auto Avoider Study, revealing the main reasons why car shoppers avoid certain cars. The study is in its 13th year and looks at the reasons consumers purchase, reject and avoid models in the marketplace.

Below are the top five reasons why car shoppers avoid certain cars among non-premium brand models.

5. Didn't Like the Image Vehicle Portrays


Of those surveyed, 16 percent said they didn't like the image a certain vehicle portrays. Perhaps some shoppers don't like the idea that owning a Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Volt portrays the image of being "green." Or maybe that getting caught behind the wheel of a Mazda Miata hints that you're having a mid-life crisis.

4. Costs Too Much Money

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

This one might not come as a surprise, but 17 percent of car shoppers said they avoided a certain car because it costs too much money. Most car shoppers have experienced it before: seeing their dream car on the dealership lot while cautiously walking over to the sticker in the window. Then their eye catches the higher-than-expected price tag and they quickly walk away uninterested.

3. Concerned About Reliability

2016 Fiat 500

Vehicle reliability has become an increasingly important factor when deciding what vehicle to purchase. In this year's study, 17 percent noted a concern about reliability when it came to avoiding a certain car, a statistic that likely doesn't bode well for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which routinely finds its brands at the bottom of J.D. Power's annual reliability study.

2. Didn't Like its Interior Look or Design

2016 Honda Civic Display Screen 02

Sometimes, no matter how great a car looks on the outside, there are certain elements you just can't get past once you get into the cabin. Maybe it's too bland or maybe it's too flashy, or sometimes it's because certain buttons or knobs (or lack thereof - we're looking at you, Honda) just aren't where they should be intuitively. Whatever the case, 18 percent of shoppers avoided a certain car because the interior just didn't appeal to them.

1. Didn't Like its Exterior Look or Design

2001 Aztek

And the top reason shoppers avoid certain cars is that they just simply didn't like its exterior look or design. An overwhelming 31 percent made it their reason to leave a car behind on the dealership lot, proving just how important a car must look if it hopes to succeed in the marketplace. And maybe that's why the Pontiac Aztek was never considered a success, earning itself accolades like the L.A. Times naming it the "Worst Car Ever Sold in America."

by autoguide.com