Automotive News

Aston Martins First Utiliy Vehicle Key to Sales Growth

Honda, Hyundai Join Growing List of Automakers Electrifying Motorsports Programs

BMW Trimming Line Up to Meet Demands of EV and Autonomous Cars
Honda, Amazon Team Up On In Vehicle Deliveries
As Cars Get Safer, Drivers Take More Risks
10 Coupes With Useful Rear Seats

New Porsche 911 Gets Epic GT1 Treatment In Beautiful Rendering

The 2020 BMW X6 Looks Like The LoveChild Of The X5 And 8 Series

This Viper ACR Has Been Perfectly Pampered

BMW Vision M Next Concept: Our First Impressions Of This Tesla Threat

Your G-Wagen Has Nothing On This Hellcat Powered Jeep Wrangler 6x6
BMW Expands 8-Series Lineup With Gran Coupe

Blistering Fast 800HP Brabus Tuned E63

Here Are The Safest Small SUVS In 2019

Toyota Pulls Forward Electrification Plan
Take A Look At The Most Expensive SUV In The World: The $1.9 Million Karlmann King

Jaguar Land Rover Reveals Temperature Changing Steering Wheel
2020 GMC Sierra HD

Nissan Reveals World's First Driver Tech

Mercedes Benz Will Make Entire Car Fleet Carbon Neutral By 2039
Mercedes Benz Taking Orders For New EQC Electric Crossover
Toyota To Invest 100 Million In Self-Driving And Robotic Technology Start Ups

Once Dead Compact Pickup Is Poised For A Comeback: Ford, Hyundai, Maybe Even Volkswagen Jump In

Here Are All The 2019 Vehicles You Can Still Get With A Stick Shift
Subaru Premieres Next Generation 2020 Outback

Mercedes Goes Boxy With 'Baby G-Wagen' GLB Concept
Chevy's New Mid-Engined C8 Corvette Is Coming July 18

New Escape Designed For Life's Adventures

Canada's Push For ZEVS Is Real
This Is The No. 1 Car Among Millenials According To A New Study Of Insurance Data

Jaguar Land Rover Hopes Its Future Vehicles Can Help Stop The Spread Of Colds And The Flue

Volvo C.E.O Predicts Huge Increase In Plug-In Hybrid Sales
Porsche Adds Sporty Coupe To Cayenne Lineup

Nissan Tests Invisible To Visible Tech That Makes Real Life Like A Video Game
Volkswagen Group Now Planning To Launch 70 Electric Cars By 2028 Up From 50

Wild and Weird Cars Or Whatevers At the 2019 Geneva Auto Show
Going The Distance: Vehicles Most Likely To Last For Over 200,000 Miles, Or Even 300,000 Miles
New 2020 Cars Worth Waiting For

Used Passenger Cars , SUVs Top Of Mind For Canadians

Amazon Invests in Self Driving Car Startup Aurora Innovation
Carfax-Kijiji Autos Tool My Hel Canadians Make Better Used Car Decisions 

Volvo Gets Approval For A No Hands Test Of Its Self Driving Cars

These Are The Cars You're Most Likely To Keep For 15 Years 

2020 Toyota Supra Debuts In Detroit

Fingerprints Key To New Hyundai Technology

These are the 19 Top New Vehicles Coming in 2019

Nissan Leaf Long Range Set for CES

Canadian Preferences Shift to SUVs

Utility Vehicles Gain Traction in Canada

VW Says the Next Generation of Gasoline Engined Cars Will Be Its Last

British Columbia Plans to End Non Electric Car Sales by 2040

Ford, Walmart to Collaborate on Designing Automated Vehicle Delivery
Carfax Canada Branding Now Official

Hyundai and Kia Developing Solar Panel Roofs for Electric, Internal Combustion Engines
Maven to Expand Peer to Peer Car Sharing to 10 US Cities by December
Kijiji Will Debut Standalone Auto Shopping Platform
Mercedes Benz, Geely Considering Joint Ride Hailing Service
Honda Invests 2.75 Billion to Build Driverless Car With GM Cruise
Most Drivers Dont Understand Limitations of Car Safety Systems, AAA Finds
Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi Team Up With Goole
Walmart Aims to Have Full EV Fleet by 2028
Toyota, Geely in Talks About Cooperation in Hybrid Vehicle Technology
Toyota Takes Car Connectivity for a Spin in Worlds Biggest Testbed
Study Finds Consumers Uneasy About Autonomous Driving Tech
The Hottest New Car and Truck Features for 2019
Amazon Releases Alexa Software Development Kit for Automotive Infotainment Systems
Major Car Exporters Weigh Response to Trump's Threat of Tariffs
Canada Seeks to Strengthen Emission Standards
BMW's Launching an Uber Competitor in Seattle
Tesla to Build Factory in China with Goal of Building Half a Million EVs
Auto Tariffs Likely to Send Used Car Prices Higher, Experts Say
Survey Shows That Millennials Like Driving
Germany Signs Deal to Allow Flying Car Testing
Hyundai Debuts NEXO Fuel Cell Car in BC
Bosch System Can Warn Drivers of Unseen Hazards
Porsche is Now Using Augmented Reality Glasses to Repair Cars

Advertising in Autonomous Cars Will be a Multi Billion Dollar Business

Canadian Drivers Lack Knowledge About Tire Inflation

PSA Peugeot Citroën's DS Brand to Sell Only Electrified Vehicles Starting In 2025

Backup Cameras Now Required In New Cars In The U.S.

Bosch announces emissions breakthrough that could save diesel 

2018 Wards 10 Best Interiors: What a Concept!

When marketing luxury vehicles, 'electric' is no longer a bad word

Lamborghini's new $200,000 SUV is more popular than expected

Ride-Hailing Firms: Will Automated Vehicles Make Them Profitable, or Will They Create Other Challenges?

Jeep Wrangler Plug-in Hybrid Confirmed for 2020

Purple! Orange! Yellow! BMW is Doing its Best to Bring Color

Robo-Taxis Revolution Already Underway, Automakers Racing to Create Autonomous Electric Cars

Testing the Autonomous Cars of 2020

Volvo to Supply Uber with up to 24,000 Self Driving Cars

Walmart and Loblaw's Set to Order Tesla Semi Trucks

Prepping Self-Driving Cars for the World's Most Chaotic Cities

Now is the Time to Plan for the Autonomous Vehicle Future

NVIDIA CEO: " No More Than 4 Years to Have Fully Autonomous Cars on the Road"

Elon Musk: Teslas Will Already Know Where We're Going

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change City Landscapes

Autonomous Vehicles, All Service is Self Service

Canada, A Leader in AI is Now Shifting Focus to Autonomous

Remote Controlled Mercedes-Benz Airport Snowplows

Polestar: How Volvo's EV Performance Brand Will Take on TESLA and AMG

Semi Hands-Free Cadillac

Sneak Peek of Porche's 2018 Panamera Turbo SE-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Could these Floating Pods be the Future of Transportation

Infiniti to Unveil its First Electric Model in January

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Rated at 47 Miles of Range

Mercedes Invests in Radical Electric Car Tech

China is banning traditional auto engines. Its aim: electric car domination

VW, Mercedes-Benz Launch Electric Cars: 'Anything Tesla can do, We Can Do Better'

Tesla is Revealing a Semitrailer This Month That it Won't Deliver for Years-Here's Why

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo: Autonomy without the Indignity

Eighth record year predicted for global car sales

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo: Autonomy without the Indignity

Small Sedans are the Cheapest to Own

Mass Transit's New Friend: The Autonomous Vehicle

Finally a vehicle that Understands My Voice Commands

Toyota Self-Driving Cars Set to be at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Discontinued Cars in 2018

'Fly to Buy' not too lofty for some used-car deals

German Automakers to Give 5 Million Diesel Cars New Software

Russia Attracts New Auto Investments

Toyota is Developing an Electric Car that recharges in Minutes

BMW May Build Electric Mini in Oxford

Electric cars to account for all new vehicle sales in Europe by 2035

17 Hours a Year Searching for Parking Spots

One Day Your Car Will Know Your Habits

Volvo to go Hybrid and Electric ONLY Volvo to go Hybrid and Electric ONLY

New Cars Unaffordable for Most Americans

Panasonic Sees the Future of Solar on Car Rooftops

Tesla Could Soon Gain a Near-Monopolistic Hold on the Electric Car Market

Hondas New Strategy Focuses on Self Driving Cars

Genesis Motors Opens 1st Retail Location in Canada

Tech Giants Most Trusted to Build Self Driving Cars

Millennials Have Less Connection to First Car than Boomers

Most Motorists Will Turn to Driverless Cars

Ford on Front Lines of Fight Against Car Sickness

Now You Can Drive in a Google Self Driving Car

Here are Six Best Cars in the World Now

Public Hydrogen Fueling Stations On The Way

Top Reasons Why Consumers Turn to Ride Sharing Services

Drivers Think Autonomus Vehicles Will End Distracted Driving

Best Used Cars for Teens

Mississauga Might Say "NO" to More Dealerships

The Car Enthusiast's Case for Autonomus Driving

The Millennials are Coming

Porsche, Lexus, Toyota Top JD Power Dependability Study

The Most Annoying New Car Features

Car Ownership is Key to Romance, Says New Survey

Walmart Says Auto Retailing Venture Wont Sell Cars Directly.

Consumers Still Confused About Self Driving Cars

Another, Year, Another Sales Record for Canadian Car Sales

Canadian Auto Sales Hit Record

The Most Googled Automakers of 2016

Deal Reached in Volkswagen Emissisons Class Action

Family Rides Among Top Cars Owners Keep 10 Years Plus

Modified Electric Car Provides Driverless Towing

Genesis to Launch with Standalone Dealers

Jaguar Land Rover Patents Facial Recognition Technology

Human Drivers Will Bully Robot Cars

What Does The Election Mean for The Auto Industry

VW and Toyota are in Neck and Neck Race for Global Top Spot

What Will the World of Wheels be Like in 30 Years?

The Apple Car is Dead, as Efforts Shift to Software

 BMW Expecting Hybrid, EV Sales Boost Within 10 Years

Volvo to Debut Car to Car Communication This Year

Self Driving Technology Misunderstood: Survey

Self Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government

Self Driving Cars Will Drive Down Insurance Costs

Soon Your Car May Be Updateable Like Your iPhone

World's First Self Driving Taxis Debut in Singapore

Ideal Honda Celebrates New Location

Dixie Toyota Celebrates Grand Opening with Japanese Flare

KBB Names Top 10 Back to School Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles Would Need Mandatory Inspections

US Approves Volkswagens 14.7 Billion Settlement

Federal Guidelines for Autonomus Cars on the Horizon

Ontario Gets No Applications for Self Driving Car Plan

Thomas Bravo to Aquire Trader Corp in 1.575 Billion Deal

Drivers 50 and Up Want More Car Saftey Tech

Surprise! Non Luxury Car Brand Now Tops Quality Study

Ontario Government Invests in Pacifica Hybrid

Hatchback Demand on the Rise, Sedans not So Much

Single Women Get Credit for Booming SUV Demand

Auto Industry in Genreal, Struggling to Deal with High Tech Problems

Top Vehicle Picks for College Grads

Driverless Cars Wouldn't Need Speed LImits

Automotive Virtual Reality Beckons Buyers

Automaker Beating Fuel Economy

Self Driving Cars Not Trusted by Canadians Yet

Expect 8% Decline in Used Car Prices by 2019

Technology Putting Millions of Distracted Drivers in Danger

Google: Relax Car Dealers, Don't Fear Self Driving Cars

FBI Issues Public Warning on Car Hacking

Automotive Recalls Drive Decline in Service Satisfaction

Why This Year is a Good Time to Buy a Used Car

J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Ratings

Falling Loonie Pushes Used Vehicle Exports to US

Study: How a Car Looks is the Biggest Reason People Buy

Carmakers Retreat from Quirky Designs as Millennials Embrace Mainstream

Toyota Killing Scion After Years of Slumping Sales

2016 Canadian New Vehicle Sales to Remain Flat

Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

Car Shoppers Focus on Reliability

Consumers Want Cars That Help Them Drive, Not Fetch Them Coffee

Carfax Parent Company Buys Carproof

Ford in Talks with Google to Build Self Driving Cars

Traffic Floods Bryan Honda's Facebook Sales Beta Test

VW Canada Outlines Thank You Package Following Apology Ad

9 Best New Vehicles as Honored by AJAC

Larger Models Leading Market in Retained Value

J.D. Power Study on Auto Bells and Whistles

968 Billion in Open Auto Loans

Made in China Quality is Not Good Enough, Lexus Says

Toyota Launches Massive Recall for Window Switch Defect

Top 15 Vehicles Owners Keep for 10 Years

Phablet Users Dig Auto Sites

CADA Asks Feds to Cut Taxes & Red Tape

EPA Plan to Assess Other Diesel Vehicles

Self-Parking Tech vs Drivers, Who Wins

Canadian Demand for New Credit Strongest in the Auto Sector

Cars Take 34% Longer to Enter Used Market

Carproof Adds Badges to Vehicle History Reports

Automakers Spending Billions on Technologies That Many Consumers Don't Use

How Much Does Technology Factor in Your Car Purchase

Many Used EVS Going fo Less Than Gas Counterparts

OMVIC Investigation Results in Curbsiding Conviction

Dealers, Law Firm to Appeal Ruling in GM Class Action

Safety is The Key to Vehicle Appeal in JD Power Study

Cassels Brock to Dole Out 45 million in Damages to GM Class Action Dealers

Trucks See Higher Depreciation Than Cars for 1st Time in Month

Number of Segments to See Auction Prices Drop by End of Year

Diesel Models Good Sell for Cost Conscious Shoppers

Korean Brands Widen Quality Gap Between Automkers

20 Used Cars with Most Price Movement at Auction

New Vehicle Leasing Tops 31%

New President is Named for Audi Canada

84 Month Loans Focus of New Black Book Analysis

Regulatory Concerns for Ontario Dealers

Auction Prices Spike as Spring Selling Season Begins

3 Myths About Future Car Buyers

Study Details Online Car Shoppers Needs

Which Sources Car Shoppers Trust The Most

Features & Info Used Car Buyers Most Want

An Unusual Tax Season Nearing Close

Used Supply and Gas Prices Playing a Major Role in Residuals

Consumers Still Misunderstand What Impacts Credit Score

AR Canada Conference Partners with Make a Wish Canada for Premier Event

February's Trade-in Trends

Wholesale Pricing Trends for Start of 2015

Central Canada Leader in National Auto Sales

Canadian Black Book's Best Retained Value Awards

Chrysler Canada is now FCA Canada

2014 Year of the Light Truck According to DesRosiers

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Prices Falling Together With Gas Prices

Free Trade Agreement Lowers Canadian Hyundai Prices

2014 Canada's Most Desired Vehicles Top 10

Hyundai to Sell Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicles in Canada

Honda Canada Launches Airbag Safety Campaign

Top 12 Websites Women Turn to for Auto Research

Buffet's Dealer Group Buy Still Creating Ripples

Vehicle Loan Amounts Reach Record Highs

New Leader at GM Canada as Williams Retires

Mazda Canada Offers Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Canadians Vote Honda and Toyota Tops for Quality

What Length of Ownership Leads to Brand Loyalty

Toyota Celebrates 50 Years in Canada

Are Franchised Dealerships in Tesla's Future

Mercedes Benz Canada Appoints New Brampton Dealer

New No.1 Reason Women Buy From Dealerships

Most Appraised Vehicles: What Shoppers Are Looking For

Industry Supports Vehicle Emission Regulation Amendments

Staying Compliant with Ontario's All-In Pricing Regulation

Will Interest Rate Shopping Hurt My Credit Score

Toyota: Fuel Saved From Hybrids Would Fill 103 Swimming Pools

Ontario Appeal Court Sends Repeat Curbsider to Jail

Adesa Index Shows Substantial Used Price Decline

Trader to Launch Dealer to Dealer Online Auction

KAR Acquires 50% Stake in Toronto-Based TradeRev

Gen Y Outspaces Gen X in New-Car Sales

Pfaff Brings Pagani Supercars to Canadian Market

Used Supply: Looking 4 Years Ahead Integrates Used Car Theft Frequency Estimator

GM Canada to Recall Over 57k Vehicles

Carproof Finds 37% of Canadian used Vehicles have a lien

Wholesale Prices Push Down in May

Carfax to Offer Canadian Dealers Subscription Rates

8.2M Cars Sold At North American Auctions in 2013

Traderev Partners with Apex for Inspection Services

BMW Canada Reveals New Top Exec