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Most motorists will turn to driverless cars

According to a recent study made by an independent research group, 95% of U.S. car miles will be traveled in cars that are self-driving, electric, and shared with others. RethinkX produced the report, and its makers believe that the change will happen within the next 13 years.

Moreover, the researchers believe that about 60% of U.S. vehicle stock will be composed of autonomous electric vehicles that will be owned by companies that provide Transport as a Service. Evidently, the predictions presented above would only happen once self-driving vehicles receive governmental approval.

From the moment when authorities will let companies sell driverless cars and deploy them for the general public across the USA, another decade will pass until they outnumber regular cars.

The same research estimates that it will be four to ten times cheaper per mile to use Transport as a Service (TaaS) offers than to operate an existing paid-off vehicle by 2021. The costs will get driven down by improving electric vehicle technology, lower insurance, cheaper finance, and not using fossil fuels.

American households will be able to save an average of $5,600 per year if they give up a gas-powered car for TaaS for all their journeys. Cost savings like the one presented have the potential of making numerous families ditch their automobiles for driverless electric vehicles that are used only when required.

We cannot help wondering what is supposed to happen, in the given situation, to all of the cars that the people described above used to own.

Evidently, people will still own cars in 2030, but not that many will be interested in doing that. Fortunately, the study does not believe car enthusiasts will disappear, as they would probably have to kill us all, but those who use vehicles as simple means of transportation are expected to ditch personal vehicle ownership and use TaaS solutions.

The market disruption predicted by the researchers will lead to jobs being lost in many fields, but other opportunities will be open in their place. We think that they are a bit on the optimistic side, but do not exclude the possibility of these predictions becoming true in a bit more than a decade.

by: autoevolution.com