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Genesis to launch with standalone dealers

Hyundai re-launched its Genesis brand in Canada on November 21, even though it didn't have a single physical dealership location in place, reports The Truth About Cars.

Instead, the luxury automotive brand is bringing revolutionary, top-shelf service to potential buyers and new owners.

Genesis Motors plans to establish 30 standalone dealerships across Canada after an initial ramp-up to some 17 dealerships in 2017, TTAC's Timothy Cain learned in a November interview with Chad Heard, senior manager of public relations Hyundai Canada.

The initial dozen-plus dealerships will be concentrated in key cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and, quite likely, Quebec City. A later roll-out of another dozen or so dealerships will bring the fledgling luxury brand to Canadians living outside of major urban centres.

Temporary "boutique retail locations" will be established in the aforementioned cities before putting brick to mortar for permanent, standalone dealerships.

In the interim before any dealerships are built, don't expect to find your new Genesis G80 or G90 in the back corner of a Hyundai dealership; nor should you expect to weave through rows of Elantras and Santa Fes when kicking off a test drive. Genesis Motors has other plans.

As found on Genesis' new website, one can schedule a "Genesis at Home Experience Drive" wherein a Genesis Experience Manager - an employee of one of Hyundai Canada's distributors - will drive to your home or office for a test drive, all at your convenience.

Should you choose to purchase a new Genesis after your test drive, maintenance will be equally as convenient thanks to "Genesis at Home Service," wherein a loaner vehicle - and don't expect an Accent - will be left at your home or office while your car is away for servicing.

Just arrange a time and pickup location that works for you, and leave the rest to Genesis service agents.

And the above is not a transient, disappearing perk; Genesis is offering complimentary scheduled maintenance for five years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. A comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty matches this maintenance coverage for the same time and distance.

Complimentary map updates and premium roadside assistance are also included with every new Genesis purchase.

A new, simplified pricing strategy will show potential customers all-in pricing, inclusive of all fees and charges. Thus, what you see will be exactly what you pay when purchasing any new Genesis model.

Gaining market share in Canada's fiercely competitive luxury automotive segment will be an uphill battle for the Korean automaker, but it says it's in it for the long haul, and it doesn't expect overnight success.

"Our focus is not on volume," said Heard of Genesis' sales strategy. "Our focus is on customer experience."

The upstart luxury brand's kid-glove handling of prospective buyers and owners in addition to its ever-improving and competitively-priced vehicle lineup follows a "build it and they will come" approach to organic growth.

Since launching in Canada, Hyundai Motors has sold just shy of 10,000 Genesis vehicles and less than 500 Equus flagship sedans, but the automaker believes part of this sluggish growth is due to its dealership experience, which it's about to turn on its head.

Pricing for the new Genesis lineup will start at $54,000 for the newly badged G80 (formerly known as simply the Genesis sedan) while the top-of-the-line G90 (formerly badged the Equus) is priced at $87,000, thus bringing the fight to key competitors including Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz.

by: autofocus.ca