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Do Women Really Ask Tougher Questions...

Do Women Really Ask Tougher Questions When Vehicle Shopping than Men?

Women are asking dealers some tough questions when hitting the lots and showrooms to shop for a new vehicle, according to LeaserTrader.com.

The site even contends females are more thorough than males when in the market for a new car.

To back up their points, LeaseTrader analyzed customer transactions during 2011 when out-of-state lease transfers occurred and found that more women ordered third-party vehicle inspections compared with men, officials noted.

Highlighting the company's results in greater detail, when women were on the "buyer" end of a lease transfer, they ordered a vehicle inspection 67.2 percent of the time, compared with 54.5 percent for that of men.

"Vehicle lease transfers processed through the LeaseTrader marketplace include the option for a vehicle inspection conducted by a third party company, anywhere in the country," officials explained.

"This service is mostly ordered when the car is located in a different region and the interested party can't easily travel to see the car first-hand," they continued.

The site also noted that gender differences for inspections were most drastic among certain age groups.

Gender differences for inspections were most noticeable among drivers between the ages of 21 and 30, the company reported.

In this age group, 78.2 percent of female buyers requested a vehicle inspection, compared with 42.3 percent of men buyers.

On the other hand, the narrowest gap was for customers between the ages of 41 and 50, which saw 63.2 percent for women and 58.1 percent for men.

Commenting on the study results, Sergio Stiberman, chief executive officer and founder of LeaseTrader.com, noted, "We've been studying gender differences and preferences in car shopping within our marketplace for several years.

"That our data illustrates a deepening relationship between women and cars comes as no surprise to us, given that the gender gap has narrowed and even reversed in some areas since our marketplace opened nearly 15 years ago," he continued.

But that's not all the site discovered. It also revealed that female buyers also seem to ask different and more thorough questions than men buyers.

While reviewing customer correspondence patterns during 2011, the site found that female buyers inquired about specific areas in terms of safety performance, incident history and a general sense of a vehicle's overall functionality given certain circumstances.

The majority of correspondence from men buyers primarily covered a vehicle's overall driving and engine performance, aesthetics and vehicle technology, and some minor safety features, the company concluded.