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Car ownership is key to romance, says new survey

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Single vehicle shoppers may want to check out a survey exploring the role of the automobile in modern-day dating. Released just in time for Valentine's Day by autoTRADER.ca, the results show that 92 per cent of Canadians find it appealing when their date shows up in their own vehicle. Almost half find a borrowed vehicle unattractive, or "embarrassing beyond words."

While expectations for ownership are high across the board, there are clear generational differences when it comes to some traditional dating customs. Millennials want their dates to text message upon arrival. Those 35 and over want their dates to come to the door.

Half of respondents 55 and older like their date to open the car door for them, but only 31 per cent of millennials agreed. Millennials were also the group least concerned with the tidiness of their date's vehicle.

"People, regardless of their age, tend to equate certain ideals with certain possessions - to many, owning a car symbolizes freedom, success and reliability, all qualities that might appeal to potential dates," says sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly. "However, in today's culture of mobile dating and quick swipe culture, a space that's dominated by a younger generation of 'single and looking,' there's not a lot of time placed on those once revered, traditional notions of chivalry."

One area where generations agree, however, is on the need for safe driving behaviour.

by: canadianautodealer.ca