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Canadian Wholesale Prices Up Modestly in August

August was a month of modest wholesale price growth in Canada, according to analysis on the latest ADESA Canada Used Vehicle Price Index.

Specifically, ADESA's data - powered by ALG Canada - indicates that the index climbed "moderately" on a month-over-month basis following seasonal adjustments, and there was approximately a 0.3-percent sequential rise in wholesale prices, on average.

Breaking down the data by individual segments, it was a mixed bag in August, officials noted.

Midsize SUV prices were up 8.4 percent, compact SUVs climbed 2.7 percent and mid-compacts jumped 0.4 percent in price. Meanwhile, there was a 4.1-percent drop in minivan prices and a 1.3-percent slide for full-size pickups.

Lastly, analysts spotted a 1.2-percent dip in prices for the midsize segment.

Offering some more overall economic analysis, officials noted: "The Canadian economy rode a roller-coaster in August: consumer confidence declined 1.3 points to 75.6, reflecting the economic uncertainty surrounding the European sovereign debt crisis, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.3 percent and national gasoline prices spiked by approximately $0.05 per liter to end the month at $1.29 per liter.

"On a more positive note, the Canadian loonie continued to trade above parity against the U.S. dollar," they added.