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Canada’s push for ZEVs is real

The federal budget 2019, announced in February by the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau reveals a strong push towards a more electrified future in Canada.

On March 29, the Government of Canada delved into a deeper discussion about their plan to build a "clean economy," indicating that the budget is making significant investments towards that goal by, for example, expanding the network of zero-emission vehicle charging and refuelling stations. And also by creating new incentives for both consumers and businesses to purchase ZEVs.

"Starting this year, it is no longer free to pollute anywhere in Canada. Our clean growth and climate action plan is expected to result in the biggest drop in carbon pollution in the history of Canada's emissions reporting - while creating more good, well-paying jobs in the clean economy and making life more affordable for Canadians," said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The budget also allocates funds to lowering the cost of energy by boosting energy efficiency in residential, commercial and multi-unit buildings.

New infrastructure is also meant to create cleaner communities. This goal will be topped-up through a major municipal infrastructure investment to help communities fund their own infrastructure projects.

The government also aims to work with provinces and territories to develop a framework for a more electric future that not only focuses on urban areas, but rural and remote communities as well.

Another goal is to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2030, and funds in the budget aim to help these workers and communities "find and act on new opportunities" through skills training and business diversification.

The Government of Canada wants to reach a new-vehicle sales target of 100 per cent ZEVs by 2040. The goal is to reach 10 per cent sales by 2025, and 30 per cent sales by 2030. The federal budget clearly indicates that this is an important target that the government will strive to reach.

By: www.canadianautodealers.ca