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Top 12 Websites Women Turn To For Auto Research

Top 12 Websites Women Turn To For Auto Research

In an effort to decipher which auto research sites are favorites among the female population, Women-Drivers.com utilized a survey technique to rank the top sites.

And it seems dealers are doing something right when it comes to their online presence, because dealership websites remain the No. 1 online research option for women, with 41.27 percent of survey respondents choosing this option on the survey.

WomenDrivers.com conducts ongoing research through its Women Satisfaction Index, and the site also asks women to complete an optional 25-question survey about their dealership experience after completing a dealer review, which includes questions about online research.

After dealer and manufacturer websites, third-party sites began showing up in the results with Kelley Blue Book leading the way, followed by Consumer Reports.

Listed below are the top sites women visited from Women-Drivers.com's most recent 3,220 surveys.

1. Dealership (41.27 percent)

2. Manufacturer (39.75 percent)

3. KBB (39.62 percent)

4. Consumer Reports (22.23 percent)

5. AutoTrader.com (21.34 percent)

6. Edmunds.com (20.38 percent)

7. Cars.com (18.85 percent)

8. Carfax (15.29 percent)

9. Craigslist (7.64 percent)

10. JD Power (6.05 percent)

11. TrueCar.com (4.71 percent)

12. Autobytel (2.29 percent)

* Note: Total adds up to greater than 100 percent as reviewer can leave multiple responses.

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